Doola Designs is owned and operated by Allison Endicott-Serdula, a college student studying business management and entrepreneurial studies. Doola Designs currently manages three successful websites and is developing a third. Our small size allows us to give each client the personal attention they deserve.

When it comes to developing a unique look that fits your needs, our goal is to ensure that the process is simple and streamlined. Websites can be frustrating experiences, but we can take the stress out of getting an attractive web presence. By using tools that fit your unique needs, we can help make a website easy to update and maintain.

Our web design services begin with very simple websites and extend to highly complex ones. From one to one hundred pages, we can help develop a site that serves your individual needs. We can also handle the management of an existing website. Whatever your needs are, we strive to fulfill them.


I have had the good fortune of working with Allison Serdula of Doola Designs for over a year. She is an exceptional talent; highly motivated, engaging, and always ready to assist when needed. Allie is resourceful and thoughtful of time and billing considerations as well.

Additionally, she is an intelligent and astute student of modern technology; particularly when it concerns your website development and administration needs. As the website developer for the West Cobb Business Association and the website administrator for the Marietta Business Association, she is consistent, reliable, and readily available. One of her best and most unique qualities is her innate ability to multitask at any given moment; whether you catch her early in the morning and late at night - she is plugged in and ready to go!

I would recommend Allie to anyone requiring a reliable, deadline-oriented, website developer/administrator. Regardless of the size of your business or depth of financial resources, I would recommend making Allison Serdula and Doola Designs your first and only choice!

- Meral, August 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Allison has managed our website for the West Cobb Business Association for two years and has done an excellent job for the organization. The website has gone from an on-going challenge to a part of our organization we never worry about. I would highly recommend hiring her if you need a webmaster.

- Robert, August 2011

As Allison's father, I might be a little prejudice. I am indeed grateful for the many blessings she gives as a loving and responsible worker, daughter and mother. She won third place in art in Cobb County through talent and passion. These she brings to all the projects we have worked on together in the business world. I had the pleasure to introduce and recommend Allison to my business associates at the Marietta Business Association 2011 Summer Jam. I can say with honesty, her work stands high on its own merit. It makes it even sweeter that she is the girl who stole her Dad's heart from the moment I first saw her.

- Damon, August 2011

Mission Statement

To have a fresh perspective on web design.

Almost everyone has a website. Some are truly innovative while others blend into the background. It is our mission to ensure that your website does not get lost in the noise. We have a strong focus on creating intuitive navigations, organizing content in a logical manner, and creating unique designs.

To ensure that your website is unique.

Anyone can turn a Wordpress template into a website and call it a day. We try to go beyond the template. By creating each website from the ground up, we provide exciting opportunities to customize your website as you go.

To reach the people that matter to your business.

Creating a website is only half the battle. The real work comes when it is time to go live and reach all the clients youíve been missing out on. How do you connect with customers through your website? How do you get to the top of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing? We believe it is a key concern to connect with your target market.

To build a mutually beneficial relationship.

By making it a priority to create a win-win situation, we guarantee that we will always be operating with the customerís best interests in mind. Every project offers our business the opportunity to expand our portfolio and gain a recommendation. This encourages us to do the best job that we can do with every site that we work on.

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Coming Soon...

This page will contain examples of websites, logos, and graphics that Doola Designs has created in the past. Please excuse us, as we are still compiling and formatting our gallery. These example will be available as soon as we can provide them. If you would like to see examples of our previous work please contact us at or you can reach us through our online mail form.

All Content is © Doola Designs


All Content is © Doola Designs


Website Design

A web presence is very important to any business, no matter how large or small. The web designs that we provide are both artistic and functional. We bring together custom graphics, HTML, and CSS to design a practical and appealing site that is multi-browser compatible.

Website Maintenance

We offer maintenance services including updates to content, events, and news items. These services are available at an hourly rate. We do not charge a retainer fee for these services.

Logo Design/Branding

We offer design services for interesting and artistic logos for an affordable price.


If your website is failing to be seen by large search engines then we may be able to help. We use webmaster tools and meta tags to refine each page so it can be better found by large search engines.

Online tutorials

If you are looking to learn how to design or maintain your own site then we may be able to help. We offer tutorials in a wide range of subjects including basic browser functions, CSS and HTML coding, and JavaScript.

Layout and Graphics Design

If you are capable of designing and maintain the functionality of your website, we offer graphic design options to help customize the appearance of your site. These include whole layouts or individual buttons, banners, and enhancing graphics.

Business Card and Brochure Design

We design business card layouts in addition to our logo and branding services. Regardless of your business, we can help design a brochure that effectively conveys your intended message. We can design flyers, tri-fold brochures, and posters.


In addition to our full service website design, we also offer services for only coding without custom graphics. Depending on your needs, this can be for a whole site or for one or two pages.


JavaScript is a popular programming language that is multi-browser compatible. The services we provide include (but are not limited to) rotating banners, dynamic text, and event reactions; such as a visitor entering or leaving the site.

Dropdown Menu Design

We offer multi-browser compatible dropdown menus. These can operate through CSS or JavaScript.

Free Consultations and Estimates

We are happy to take a look at your particular needs. Consultations would include a plan of action and a discussion of scope. Estimates may be by the project or by the hour, depending on the particular needs of your organization.

Template Installation

If your needs include the use of a professional template then we may be able to help get you started. These are designed to be very easy to update and maintain, but initial designs may be necessary to give your site some extra pizzazz.

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